Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fruit Jellies

I have been wanting to try Agar agar and this is my first attempt. If you are not familiar with Agar agar you can learn all about it here. It is made from seaweed. Some benefits of using this in place of traditional gelatin is that it is a vegan product, it sets up super fast and can be left at room temperature and is very high in fiber! I found this adorable idea at The Food Librarian. This woman does some amazing things with Jello. I used my brownie bites pan to shape them and added a couple drops of Lor Ann oils raspberry flavor to give it a nice berry flavor in addition to the fresh fruit. My kids were pretty impressed with these, they loved how they looked like little ice cubes!

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  1. Those are so pretty! I think I may have found a new bloggy to follow...