Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Star fruit

We are trying star fruit for the very first time today! Not only is it so cute but it tastes great too- a lot like a pear I think. So with that wonderful fruit we have a basic sandwich, checkered apple, chocolate zucchini muffin and smiley potatoes.


  1. Beautiful bentos! I think I linked in here from Babycenter. :o)

    I wanted to invite you to partcipate in the What's for Lunch Wednesday Bento Link-Up if you'd like to. Just choose a favorite lunch from the past week and add it to the post (it's hosted on my blog, http://bentolunch.net, probably a few posts down right now). Would love to have you, everything looks wonderful!

  2. What a lunch, definitely a work of art going on there!

  3. So how do you get "smiley potatoes"?