Friday, May 14, 2010

Taste of Summer Party

I recently found out about
House Party. This is a website that offers the opportunity to try some new products by offering to host a party with their particular product in mind. It was very easy, I applied to host a party and was selected as a host and the next thing I knew I received a big box of party favors and freebies to host a party for Kraft. I decided to make it a lunch for some of the moms I know and make it very kid friendly. Kraft supplied their new home style deluxe mac-n-cheese along with pizza, breadsticks, crackers, drinks and some turkey pastrami that I made into small sandwiches. The best part was I was able to give all the moms coupons for the products and some fun free stuff which they loved! This is a very fun thing to do and I would definitely host again. Besides it's a great excuse to get together for some food sampling and playtime with friends.

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  1. I agree- anything that involves food and friends is a good idea to me.