Monday, May 24, 2010

Can You Spot the Nugget?

Okay so I know what your thinking. What's that chicken nugget doing in there? Well in defense of the nugget, I believe it is an actual chicken piece breaded and fried from a small local restaurant here in town and no I don't mean Mickey D's. Not that it's a big deal to have a nugget every now and again, but in light of current events nuggets have become an issue. Sometimes my kids ask for junk food/ fast food as if it's a treat. I wish they didn't view it as some kind of reward but they kind of do. I like for them to eat real food made by me most of the time but certain times call for junk food such as driving on long trips, visiting grandparents, friend's house. Maybe it's those mentioned special occasions that have caused them to make the connection between special times and junk food. Hmmm... just something to think about. Well anyways, hopefully all that other stuff in the lunch will counter those big bad chicken nuggets.

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