Monday, December 5, 2011

Blog Break

Well by now you may have noticed I've been on a blogging break. In case anyone still reads this, let me explain. I love blogging, I love cooking and I love finding great ideas from other people as well as sharing mine. I also have three kids and two dogs which means I'm busy. I know so many are more creative with their time than I am and can manage 50 things at once. I found that I needed to let the blogging go for awhile to get caught up. Also as my older boys are now in 3rd and 4th grade it was getting harder to do creative lunches without being too cutesy. This year I still make lunches and even sometimes get fancy as they call it. I have decided not to force myself to blog lunches and keep my blog updated. I will however still post when I want to and may even throw a lunch or two in every once in a while. So that's it. Still blogging, just not like crazy and as a result I won't be...crazy. Thanks for reading!

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