Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I ♥ Crescent Rolls

My love and affection for Trader Joe's crescent rolls continues. It is such a super staple to have on hand! I fill them with something delicious( today's ham & cheese) and roll them up and bake them. Another great alternative to the sandwich. Adding fruit, trail mix and a cookie and a 10 minute lunch is made.


  1. Just wondering where the crescent rolls are at Trader Joe's? I'm assuming it's dough? But, I've never seen any dough at our local TJ's except for pizza crust dough in produce.

    Thanks for the great ideas! Boy, I wish someone would make me lunches that look like that!


  2. Hi Kelly!
    The crescent rolls are packaged in a tube (sort of like the pillsbury brand) found in the refrigerated section by the milk, yogurt, eggs etc. Hope you can find them!