Saturday, April 24, 2010

Onigiri Strikes Back

So we are having yaki-onigiri again with meatballs and the ever popular ants on a log. Amazing-they ate this whole lunch-even the cold meatballs!


  1. how did you make the checkered one? your spoiling your kids with perfect lunches :)

  2. Thanks for checking out my little lunch blog! The checkered apples are actually pretty easy you can see how here:

    P.S. love the little pineapple kewpie doll!

  3. cute lunches. Do you have directions or recipes for the folded sandwiches??

  4. Heather! Seriously, I cannot believe I let myself peek at your blog when I'm supposed to be scrubbing the house to get ready for our party this weekend. But I'm loving every post!! Have you shared your resources for your bento supplies on a post I haven't gotten to yet?

  5. Sandra,
    I do the same thing! I'm glad you enjoyed looking at all our lunch ideas. Bento supplies are hard to come by. Daiso is a great $1.50 store with lots of bento gear-if you have one near you. As far as online shopping there's always e-bay and "I love obento" is a really cute online store. Hope that helps!

  6. I just discovered your blog thanks to the laptop lunches newsletter. I always like looking at the winner photography because I get great ideas....Your blog is GREAT...I really like it....

    Would it be possible to find out where you get the cutest "toothpicks" you use in many of your lunches...I have looked in many places in the web, but no luck...

  7. Olga,
    Thanks for checking out my blog! Ichiban Kan used to have an online store and that's where I purchased a lot of my picks and other bento gear. If you have a Daiso store by you that's a good option otherwise e-bay or I Love Obento. Good Luck!